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Date limite pour l'inscription aux auditions.

18.03.2006 & 19.03.2006:
Auditions pour le concours 2006

02.04.2006, 09.04.2006, 23.04.2006: 11h00
Répétitions obligatoires pour la Finale de RapSohD 2006 et sessions d'information avec les parents

Finale de RapSohD

Ont eu lieu

30.04.2005: 14h00
Finale de RapSohD 2005
Centre culturel de Pierrefonds

12.03.2005: 20h00
Lorraine Klaasen - Concert pour la Journée internationale de la femme,
avec les ados de RapSohd 2001, 2002, 2003 et 2004
Salle Oscar Peterson
Université Concordia

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Mylène's Testimonial

Open letter to RapSohD from Mylène Otou, Miss RapSohD Talented Teen 2003, Miss Canada HJTTI 2003:


Dear RapSohD members,

In March 2003, when I first participated in the Miss Talented Teen Canada auditions, I could never have imagined that those short five minutes would lead to where I am today. I would never have imagined that as a result of winning this competition, I would visit one of the most beautiful countries I've been to and live through that unique experience that was my prize - the trip to the U.S V.I. I realize that I would never have had all those opportunities if it wasn't for all of the hard work and money you put into that project, and I want to thank you for that

In St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., we had lunch at the governor's mansion and visited the tourist attraction "Coral World", where we "entered" into the Caribbean Sea and saw all of the beautiful species of animals that live in it. We also had a pizza souvenir party, in which we exchanged gifts from our States or countries. Moreover, we had a beach party with tons of fun. The games and activities were organized for us. That was really cool. We also tasted real Caribbean food at Gladys' Café and went shopping for souvenirs later that afternoon. During the Shooting Stars Awards dinner, we met Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, and we had the opportunity to hear some former participants to the HJTTI competition sing. Of course, there was the preliminary night with the after-party and the final show, which were absolutely great. During the whole trip, we were treated like queens and they made us feel special. As we were travelling around the hotel and the Island, everyone was admiring us and asking us questions about the competition.

This whole experience taught me a lot about myself and my capabilities and convinced me that I could achieve whatever I wanted to, if I put my heart into it. During my tenure as Miss Talented Teen Canada, I have one project in mind, that I hope you will/may be able to help me realize and that is to sing the Canadian National Anthem during a game of the "Montreal Canadiens" and/or the "Toronto Raptors" which I like very much. I also hope to be able to participate in any other activity to promote RapSohD's Talented Teen Canada competition. Thank you once again for everything you did for me. I will never forget that experience.

Sincerely yours,

Mylène Otou
Miss RapSohD Talented Teen 2003

Mylène Otou, Miss RapSohD 2003, in St.Thomas, WI   Mylène Otou, Miss RapSohD 2003, in St.Thomas, WI
Représentant canadien
Hal Jackson Talented Teens International
Canadian Representative

acrobat - dancer


Deadline for registration to the auditions

18.03.2006 & 19.03.2006:
RapSohD 2006 Auditions

02.04.2006, 09.04.2006, 23.04.2006: 11am
Mandatory rehearsals for RapSohD 2006 Finals and parents information sessions

29.04.2006: 2pm
RapSohD Finals

Past Events

30.04.2005: 2pm
RapSohD Finals
Pierrefonds Cultural Center

12.03.2005: 8pm
Lorraine Klaasen - International Women's Day Concert,
featuring RapSohD Talented Teens 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004
Oscar Peterson Hall,
Concordia University

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