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Date limite pour l'inscription aux auditions.

18.03.2006 & 19.03.2006:
Auditions pour le concours 2006

02.04.2006, 09.04.2006, 23.04.2006: 11h00
Répétitions obligatoires pour la Finale de RapSohD 2006 et sessions d'information avec les parents

Finale de RapSohD

Ont eu lieu

30.04.2005: 14h00
Finale de RapSohD 2005
Centre culturel de Pierrefonds

12.03.2005: 20h00
Lorraine Klaasen - Concert pour la Journée internationale de la femme,
avec les ados de RapSohd 2001, 2002, 2003 et 2004
Salle Oscar Peterson
Université Concordia

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DeCarla's Testimonial

Open letter to RapSohD from DeCarla Clarke, Miss RapSohD Talented Teen 2005, Miss Canada HJTTI 2005:


Dear RapSohD members,

Excitement and sadness filled the air as I board the airbus to Dutch St Maarten on the morning of July23, 2005. I was excited because of the opportunity given to represent Canada and saddened because I would be away from a very special person dear to me …my brother. I am DeCarla Clarke, the winner of RapSohD’s 2005 Talented Teen competition. Being the winner of this competition, I had the privilege of competing as one of thirty-three contestants at Hal Jackson’s Talented Teen Competition held last July, in St Maarten. As I journeyed, between sleep and wake I pondered about the different aspects of my trip. There were feelings of excitement, feelings of nervousness, feelings of mountainous challenges, and with a smile … feelings of accomplishment.

Based on my itinerary, which was given beforehand, I knew my schedule would be packed to capacity. Packed in such a way that no sooner had I arrived at the beautiful Sonesta Maho Hotel, that after checking in and before I had the opportunity to wet my feet in the beautiful ocean water, I had to meet with the Hal Jackson’s team who got things started right away. We were all introduced to each other at our first rehearsal that evening. The next morning’s rehearsal was followed after lunch, by a gift/souvenir exchange party, which was the start of the girls getting to know each other a little. Before the evening rehearsals ended we were all very comfortable and relaxed. We had several rehearsals leading up to the Gala held at the end of the week spent on the island.

There were various highlights to the week for example, such as luncheons with the St Maarten dignitaries (both on the Dutch and the French sides). Getting to the luncheons was a lot of fun because all the girls traveled on one bus together and we sang, talked and got to see a great view of the island of St. Maarten (Dutch side and French side). We went to great restaurants, had some really delicious island cuisine and were entertained with live cultural presentations and even had dance music provided for us by a local band. After the luncheon, we went shopping in Phillipsburg where the girls purchased souvenirs for their family and a little gift for themselves. Probably the most exciting for Ms. Anguilla, was the trip by boat to a resort area in Anguilla, where we were also introduced to the island dignitaries. This trip to Anguilla was a lot of fun on the beach with delicious food and up beat island music. All the girls had a swell time there.

Our last outing was to the 5th Annual Shooting Stars Awards dinner where we met past contestants and were updated as to how well they were doing, which was really interesting for me. It was a positive lesson for us to realize that with hard work and determination we can always achieve our goals.

Finally it was Friday, the last morning of rehearsals before Preliminary Competition later that evening. This was followed next night, by the Hal Jackson Talented Teen crowning, which all the girls were excited about, all nervous and happy for one another. After the final show all the girls congratulated one another and it was a great feeling knowing that we were all supportive of each other. Mr. Jackson made it very clear to all of us that we were all winners. This was a great experience and a memorable one for me.

Special thanks to Mrs. Heitner, RapSohD’s committee and family members for all the support, encouragement and love that was extended to me. Highly appreciated!!!!

Sincerely yours,

DeCarla Clarke
Miss RapSohD Talented Teen 2005

Représentant canadien
Hal Jackson Talented Teens International
Canadian Representative

acrobat - dancer


Deadline for registration to the auditions

18.03.2006 & 19.03.2006:
RapSohD 2006 Auditions

02.04.2006, 09.04.2006, 23.04.2006: 11am
Mandatory rehearsals for RapSohD 2006 Finals and parents information sessions

29.04.2006: 2pm
RapSohD Finals

Past Events

30.04.2005: 2pm
RapSohD Finals
Pierrefonds Cultural Center

12.03.2005: 8pm
Lorraine Klaasen - International Women's Day Concert,
featuring RapSohD Talented Teens 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004
Oscar Peterson Hall,
Concordia University

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